Inexpensive DIY Maintenance Tips for your Central Air Conditioning

Replace or clean the air filters-  Basic air conditioning maintenance starts with simply cleaning or replacing all of the system’s air filters on a regular basis; typically, every 90-days.  Failure to do so can clog the evaporator coil restricting the air flow. This will cause the system to work harder and less efficiently ultimately resulting in premature system failure or component damage. Continue reading “Inexpensive DIY Maintenance Tips for your Central Air Conditioning”

5 FAQs About Home Electrical Systems

What’s the difference between fuses and circuit breakers?  While they both perform the same function (provide over current protection to the circuit) they do so in different ways.  A circuit breaker simply “trips” when the current exceeds the rating for the circuit while a fuse must be replaced as it is consumed.  Therefore, circuit breakers are simply more convenient and are the currently preferred method. There are no safety advantages.  If your breakers trip or fuses blow often, call a licensed electrician as this indicates a problem with your electrical system. Continue reading “5 FAQs About Home Electrical Systems”

5 Common Installation Mistakes with Stone Veneer

stone-veneer-blog-image-1Stone veneer, or manufactured stone, has the appearance of natural stone but is made of concrete. The cladding has increased in popularity in recent years among builders and home buyer’s as it provides an upscale look. However, I routinely see incorrect installations that can lead to water penetration and concealed structural framing damage. The Masonry Veneer Manufacturer’s Association (MVMA) has very specific installation procedures that if followed, will result in a cladding that will last for years. Continue reading “5 Common Installation Mistakes with Stone Veneer”

Common Installation Mistakes with LP SmartSide®

lp-sidingComposite exterior cladding materials (siding) have gained more popularity over the past 20 years as they provide a high-end look, are paintable and more impact resistant than traditional siding materials like vinyl and aluminum. However, a significant amount of the installations I see in the field are incorrect per the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Below is a list of the more common installation mistakes I routinely see. Continue reading “Common Installation Mistakes with LP SmartSide®”

Shocking Facts About Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is an electrical device that is designed to prevent injury or death from electrical shock by detecting low level ground faults.  A ground fault occurs when the current is leaking somewhere.  If the current supplied is greater than the current returned for a given circuit the current is going somewhere other than where it should.  Continue reading “Shocking Facts About Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)”