5 Essential Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

Fall is officially here, and it is important to prepare your home for the rigors of the Winter season to protect your investment. The following is a list of important home maintenance tasks that every homeowner should do to protect their home.

  • Close the foundation vents and caulk any exterior gaps around doors/windows, ducts, and foundation utility penetrations. Doing so will ensure optimum energy efficiency and help reduce high winter energy consumption and costs.
  • Disconnect all exterior garden hoses. Even if you have “freeze-proof” hose bibs, there still is the possibility for burst pipes resulting in water damage to the home.
  • Clean the roof covering and gutter trays. It is important for the roof drainage system to properly function to ensure rain water is properly discharged from the gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters can result in water backflow often resulting in damage to roof framing and exterior trim components.
  • Determine the age and test the function of all installed smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Smoke/carbon monoxide alarms should be replaced every 10 years to ensure proper component function. The alarms should have a date printed somewhere on the component (differs by manufacturer). If the components are greater than 10 years old, then replace them to provide optimum safety. Also, replace all the installed alarm back-up batteries and test for proper function at the built-in test control.
  • Service your heating systems. To ensure proper function and efficient operation it is important to have your heating system professionally serviced or tuned-up prior to the winter season. Doing so should help prevent unexpected interruptions in service and costly emergency repairs.
  • Wood burning fireplaces require periodic cleaning and service as well. If you use the component often and can’t remember the last service, then please schedule professional service to ensure proper component function and safety.

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