Seller’s Inspection

In today’s competitive housing market, it’s more important than ever to market your property and make it stand out to drive potential buyers your way.  Consider having a pre-listing/seller’s inspection.  For a fraction of a mortgage payment, it can be a great marketing tool that you and your realtor can use to eliminate the natural fears of the buyer, letting them know the home is in good shape.

for saleMany times there are problems the seller isn’t even aware of that could impact someone’s decision to buy the house. Even if the home inspector finds a few items that need repair or replacement, it’s often less expensive for the seller to fix on their timeline prior to listing their property, than at the negotiation table giving the buyer negotiating leverage.

The seller’s inspection works in everyone’s favor. The seller will have a reference point to compare the results from the buyer’s home inspection and at the very least, it gives the seller the opportunity to improve the things they can and a chance to examine the larger issues that should be disclosed up front.